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You should only listen to me,
Would a ten year old even know Diddy was a singer?
Which is it Ticketmaster?
When I need to feel politically superior, I listen to Hannity
Well, we can't all be El Payagayo
Trust me, this dress code is in the Bible.
There doesn't have to be intent for an obstruction call
The new douchebag watch is now on sale
The Longest Yard 2 Starring Aaron Hernandez
The hottest new liberal drinking game
The Greatest American Scissorhands Hero
Take that Shalamar
Some Might Say Achilles Got What He Deserved
Snooki loses 42 pounds of baby weight
Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Chuck
Pauly D's childhood inspiration for the blow out
No Exit at Road End
Miley Cyrus cruising the strip with her BFF
Life Lessons from Grandma Bruce - Gas
Leonard's Mother Was Right About Howard and Raj
Lazy Gas Pumper
Kanye needed a plan to make Jay-Z like him
Just a Misunderstanding Mr. Tannen
Jessica Simpson Goes for the Drysdale High Pants Look
Invisible Obama Likes This Guy
If it's supposed to make you regular, I did something wrong
I'm not with him, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.
I'm a Christian, a football player, and a murderer