Frequently Asked Questions

General (2)

What is Unsecrets?

Unsecrets is a place to share funny pictures and videos. I could dress it up a bit, but I don’t have the energy to do so. If you’re clever, share with us. If you’re lazy, sit back and enjoy.


How can I caption a photo?

You can use almost any type of image manipulation software or online photo editing service. Try Microsoft Paint, Snag It, or Gimp. You can also use online sites like,, or to name a few.


Accounts (4)

How do I register?

At the very top of any page here at Unsecrets, you’ll find a login link in the navigation menu. If you click that login link a box will pop up. At the bottom of that box you’ll find a link to Register. … Continue reading


How do I upload a profile picture?

Once your logged in, hover over the profile button. (It’s in the same place the login button was before you logged in) Click the My settings link and you’ll be given the opportunity to set an image for your profile picture.


What are my loved posts?

Loved posts are your favorites. Every post has a little heart to the left of the title. If you click that heart, you’ve “loved” the post.


What happened to my account?

If your account has gone missing and you haven’t submitted anything that goes against our terms, it’s likely because you didn’t post anything within a month of signing up. It’s nothing personal. You just got caught up in our monthly … Continue reading


Submissions (5)

Why wasn’t my URL submitted?

The Add URL option is for submitting a video or an image only. Unfortunately regular URL’s will not work.


How do I submit my stuff?

If you gently roll your eyes to the right side column, you should notice a gray button with a round green icon containing a plus symbol. Click this button. You should be able to figure out the rest.


What category should I select?

It’s not that important. Really. “On the road” doesn’t have to mean roadkill, but it can if it’s funny. It can relate to driving, parking, traveling, etc. Get it? This doesn’t mean I want to see tap dancing related stuff … Continue reading


Where did my stuff go?

If you submitted something that was removed, it was probably because you’re an awful person. What did you do? Did you post content you shouldn’t have? Read the terms, use common sense, you’ll be ok.


How do I become a top author?

It’s simple. Submit quality stuff that people enjoy. The more views your stuff gets, the higher the chance you populate a coveted Top Author spot in our sidebar.